What we Offer

Best in Class Utilities, Customizable, performance driven 5X faster, lite – minus one screen.

Modular Dock

Tiled design. Multi scrollable tiles giving unique experience on minus one screen.

Customizable Tiles

Allows you to keep or hide the tiles as per our preference. You can add & manage your frequently used apps on minus one screen.


Watch latest videos, upcoming movie Trailers, download wallpapers, play HTML 5 games, watch latest news on the fly & many more.


Nubit offers serious utilities to help simplify your life. Services like Cab booking, bill payments, recharges, Train/Travel query is now a swipe away.

Recommendation Engine

Inbuilt recommendation engine captures your interests and serves you accordingly whenever you come next time.


Now access nearby services like ATMs, Restaurants, Hotels etc standing anywhere in the world.

About Us

Nubit refers to a smart-phone minus one screen, which essentially is a lightweight indigenous app. It connects mobile users around the world with internet and providing easy access to various digital assets.

Founded in mid 2016, Mobin Signity released its first product, NUBIT Launcher, in Aug 2016. And by early 2018, there has been more than 1.5 Million users for Nubit.

Since its foundation, Mobin has become strategic cooperation partners with Intex Mobiles India, Ola, Uber, Mobitech, Taboola, Gamezop,Obino, Grab On, Intercontent Germany, Google and many digital Ads publishing houses as well as other mobile Internet tycoons.

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